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I was able to read the menu with no questions
I found customer service to be friendly and welcoming
I found the wait time to be reasonable
The price was reasonable
Pictures on the menu helped me decide what to order
When ordering, I was aware of the food quality (grass-fed beef, local produce, fresh buns, etc)
Viewing the menu, I was inclined to
I enjoyed the food from Chubbies
The food I ate was warm and fresh
I could taste a difference in quality compared to fast food
The presentation/packaging was good
The portion size met my expectations
I found the food to be easy to eat - it was not messy
(Takeout orders) When I took my food to-go, travel time back (before I could eat) was...
I would rank the following burger places *higher* than Chubbies (overall taste)
I would rank the following burger places *lower* than Chubbies (overall taste)
I will be returning to Chubbies
I wish the menu at Chubbies had more...
I would visit Chubbies more often if they had a restaurant location!
I will most likely share my experience with my family/friends/coworkers
Your Experience
I first head about Chubbies from
I have visited Chubbies
I ate at Chubbies because
From what I saw of the truck, it looked clean and maintained
I am more likely to eat at Chubbies during
I wish Chubbies was closer to....
I decided to visit Chubbies because
I like Chubbies because
Overall, I had a positive experience at Chubbies